Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance allows you to protect your invoices from non-payment, all forms of administration and insolvency, and even future preference payment demands brought against you.

Ways Trade Credit Insurance can benefit your business:

  • Protects you, your business and cash-flow from all forms of insolvency
  • Provides a complete solution to take on a new client (new potential risk) By allowing you to tap into the  knowledge and expertise of world-class insurers who will assess your buyer and monitor them for any changes to their business health.
  • Provides you with support and strength when colleting debt from a potentially stressed client (our focus is to see you get paid first)
  • The Insurers will give you the best possible advise Legally so we can either get paid or reach a result sooner.
  • Once a Policy is in place we know by offsetting the risk of non-payment you can focus on growth and trade out to exposures you may have never considered in the past. This is why our clients grow faster than their peers.

Credit Consulting

Watson Credit Consulting provides clients with real time information and advice on the financial surety of who they are trading with. 

We partner with the leading provider of credit risk information. Our Credit Consulting facility provides current information regarding late payments, collections, legal and any other adverse information we become aware of for current buyers you are trading with.

Debtor Risk Analysis

We allow you to tap into our unique information and access our industry rates to secure your Discretionary Limit reports (allowing you to take on risk that can’t be underwritten by the insurers). Our Debtor Risk Analysis allows you to make commercial decisions to take on new work with confidence, by giving you information about any previous collections, legal or wind up proceedings.

Soft Touch Collections

Sometimes a friendly call from an external business helps focus your clients mind on paying you first before the other suppliers in the market. Our soft touch call will also help identify possible disputes you have not been made aware of, and will ensure they are focused on reaching a solution or paying down the outstanding debt owed to you – most likely sooner than it otherwise would have been paid.

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